When it comes to providing a fresh look at leadership, and actionable guidance on how to become a more effective and successful leader in today’s faster-paced, global environment, award-winning and internationally acclaimed leadership writer and thinker Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli has proven himself to be a fresh and unique voice within the leadership sphere.

So much so that Inc. Magazine has recognized Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli not only as one of their “100 Great Leadership Speakers”, but they also included Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli in their list of the “Top 100 Management and Leadership Experts”, putting him alongside some of the top leadership thinkers and practitioners in the world.

In his talks, Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli masterfully blends research studies with inspiring and insightful stories so that audience members are not only motivated to become better leaders in their organization, but they now have the tools and road map for how to put these ideas into action in their everyday work lives.

It’s not surprising then why Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli continues to receive high praise from audience members across Canada and United States, and why she’s been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of today’s “100 Great Leadership Speakers”.

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Speaking Topics

Here’s a list of some of Dr. Puneet’s most popular talks, which will help to give you an idea of the kind of leadership topics Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli regularly talks about on the speaking circuit:

How to Overcome Leadership Vertigo to Drive Success

In this keynote, Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli reveals how the four Leadership Principles he writes about in his book, “Leadership Vertigo” can help leaders to tap into the native talents, creativity, and experiences of their employees in order to promote organizational adaptability and growth in the years to come.

Over the course of this talk, Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli looks at:

  • How leaders can foster a sense of community in their organization to encourage employee engagement and accountability.
  • How leaders can develop their emotional competence to build and strengthen relationships to drive organizational success.
  • What leaders can do to increase self-awareness in their leadership in order to better respond to their organization’s needs.
  • How tapping into our innate sense of compassion can drive innovation and success.