K B Singh

Ms Puneet Kaur worked with me during a highly critical stage of BSES (Reliance ADA Group) to leverage technology in this company to be the prime mover and transform the company to set as a benchmark in the country which have had very rudimentary technology initiatives till then. The task was very-2 difficult and scary but colleagues like her really help to achieve that mission in a highly successful manner and I am so thankful for her daring, bold and innovative efforts which were instrumental in achieving milestone after milestones. I could happily take credit for that decent work done where in Ms Puneet Kaut has a major sharing in it. She is systematic pragmatic and innovative in her approach. She is dedicated and devoted to achieve the set targets. Her diligent and systematic approach works and helps to achieve difficult targets in an easy manner. I was my pleasure to get associated with such a dynamic person who has solution without any problem. Wish her all the best..

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