In addition to giving keynotes, Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli also offers half-day corporate training sessions where she delves deeper into his insights and perspectives on leadership, an expertise which has garnered him numerous awards and recognitions over the past decade as one of the best leadership thinkers and speakers out there.

In his corporate training workshops, Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli not only provides actionable advice, but hands-on activities and exercises derived from the fields of neuroscience and psychology that will not only help attendees gain insights into how they can improve the way they lead, but why some of the measures they currently employ create a lasting impact and how they can replicate it going forward.

Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli also offers workshop facilitation sessions where she works with leaders and their teams to get past the inevitable obstacles and barriers organizations face in order to come up with an action plan that will lead to not only quick wins, but lasting change that will drive future growth and success.

Hire Puneet kaur Kohli For Your Corporate Training Event

Leadership Vertigo - Getting Leaders Back On Course To Drive Organizational Excellence

In this half-day workshop, Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli builds on his keynote speech based on his book "Leadership Vertigo" by exploring the four Leadership Principles behind Leadership Vertigo. By the end of this workshop, attendees will create a personalized action plan they can implement within their team and organization that will help them:

  • Energize collaboration by understanding the psychology of motivation and needs.
  • Encourage in-moment learning that will allow employees to truly embrace failure as an opportunity for growth and development.
  • Empower employees to feel a sense of purpose and belonging to drive performance and engagement.
  • How leaders inadvertently create roadblocks that drive internal resistance to change.
  • Employ science-backed strategies on how leaders can boost their emotional intelligence in less than 60 seconds.
  • Boost self-awareness by developing a simple tool to manage what we focus on every day.
  • Learn how to self-evaluate whether they're doing everything they can to drive organizational success and growth.

Effective Leadership Through Coaching Employees

Numerous studies have shown that today's employees expect more than just feedback from their leaders; they also want to get personalized guidance with their professional development and growth. The most effective way for leaders to accomplish this is through the art of coaching. In this half-day workshop, Dr. Puneet kaur Kohli uses his "3 Key Elements of Coaching" framework, along with some fun, brain-twisting exercises, to help attendees create their own coaching playbook that will help them:

  • Understand how to better relate to their employee's perspective by learning the neuroscience behind our brain's tendency of "jumping to conclusions".
  • Recognize the two different types of coaching moments and when to apply them.
  • How to identify what your employees really need from you, instead of what you assume they're asking for.
  • How to become a more effective listener by overcoming the "Lazy Brain Syndrome".
  • Learning about the difference between asking "Right Questions" and "Not Right Questions" and how knowing the difference between them will improve your ability to help your employee's growth and learning to benefit the organization.
  • Tap into the power of inquisitiveness to empower employees to drive their own learning and development.